54. Auktion fur Historische Wertpapiere Teil 1 Auktion 25 Januar 2020

7 Auction terms and conditions These Auction terms and conditions are for your general guidance only. In the event of a dispute, the German version of our full legally binding conditions will prevail (see Versteigerungsbedingungen). The auction is conducted voluntary on behalf of third person for third- party account on the basis of consignment contracts. The auction is opera- ted by the company HWPH Historisches Wertpapierhaus AG, Ingelsberg 17b, 85604 Zorneding. The auction terms and conditions are acknowledged by the written sub- mission of a bid. Bids by fax, e-mail and online bids are equivalent to bids in writing. Submission of a bid constitutes a binding offer to purchase. Bidders are personally responsible for the bids they make, even if submit- ting them on behalf of named third parties. Starting prices correspond to the prices stipulated in the catalogue. Bids below the starting prices will not be accepted. Bid rates are set as follows: €1 to 10: €1 €11 to 30: €2 €31 to 100: €5 €101 to 300: €10 €301 to 1,000: €25 €1,001 to 2,000: €50 €2,001 to 5,000: €100 €5,001 to 25,000: €500 €25,001 to 50,000: €1,000 from €50,001: €2,000 Bids that do not correspond to the bidding levels are rounded up to the nearest bidding level. The highest bid will be accepted. If there are several equal maximum bids, the first bid received is given preference. The following additional rules apply to auctions labelled „Multiauktion“ in the header: The bid amount always relates to one unit. After a bid has been successful, the bidder states the desired quantity at that price (at most the available quantity). If a quantity remains, it is once again put up for auc- tion. The successful bidder is obligated to accept and pay for the item(s). All risks, especially the risk of accidental loss or accidental deterioration of the auction item, are transferred to the buyer directly upon winning the bid. Ownership and title will only be transferred to the buyer after full payment of the purchase price. The buyer shall pay a commission of 18 % of the hammer price. Value-added tax (VAT) at the current rate of 19% will be added to commission and shipping costs. VAT levied on auction commis- sion is not refundable on deliveries to non-EC countries, because a dome- stic service has been performed. In the case of export to an EEC member state, the buyer is required to provide a VAT identification number for tax exemption in good time. Auctioneer Matthias Schmitt is authorized to exercise all the rights of the seller resulting from commissions and knockdowns on behalf of the seller and at the seller’s expense. Following conclusion of the auction, the suc- cessful bidder can, with legitimate, verifiable interest, obtain the name and address of the seller of the brokered item. Bidders submitting their bids remotely or in writing are required to adhere to a payment deadline of 14 days (30 days for foreign countries), provided no other credit arrangements have been made in writing. For all balances that have not been received within 14 days (30 days for foreign countries) of the auction default interest of 1% will be charged for each month or part thereof. Additionally, all costs incurred by the involvement of legal counsel and/or collection agencies will be passed on to the buyer. If the buyer defaults on payment or refuses to purchase the auction items, the items may be sold or put up for auction again in the buyer’s name and on the buyer’s account without any further notification. In such a case, at the auctioneer’s discretion, the debtor is liable for any lost profit or for compensation amounting to 36 % of the hammer price; the debtor has no claim to any additional profit and will be barred from further bidding. The auctioned goods will only be delivered after full payment of the invoice amount. If delivery takes place at an earlier point in time, ownership of the goods will be retained until full payment of the purchase price. Auctioned items are shipped at the expense and risk of the buyer. Upon dispatch by mail the sender has fulfilled all requirements for delivery. All items up for auction are second-hand. Photocopies of lots can be reque- sted prior to the auction deadline. Black & white copies are available for the cost of postage. Colour copies are EUR 2.50 for DIN A4 and EUR 4.00 for DIN A3 plus postage. The auctioneer is not liable for any defects. Catalogue descriptions are pro- vided to the best of our knowledge and belief but do not represent assured characteristics pursuant to sections 459 ff. German Civil Code (BGB). Nor can they be the basis for complaints or demands of any kind. Wear and tear or minor damages are not necessarily included in catalogue descrip- tions. Legitimate complaints must be reported no later than seven days from delivery of the auctioned item. Complaints are inadmissible if modi- fications of any kind have been made to the relevant lots. No complaints against the auctioneer will be considered once the knockdown has been made. The auctioneer is entitled to change the set order, to split, combine or withdraw numbers, as well as conditionally make or reject the knock- down. The above auction terms and conditions are also valid for all auction lot transactions taking place outside of the auction, especially post-auction sales. Parts of the auction terms and conditions may be suspended by the auctioneer for compelling reasons at any time. In such cases, the remai- ning parts shall remain effective. Place of fulfilment and jurisdiction for both parties is Munich. The auctioneer Auctioneer: Matthias Schmitt, Ingelsberg 17b, 85604 Zorneding, Germany Anfahrt Gerne stellen wir Ihnen kostenfrei Stadtpläne zur Verfügung. Von der A3 (aus Richtung Köln/Frankfurt): Verlassen Sie die A3 an der Anschlussstelle Würzburg Heidingsfeld. Biegen Sie links auf die B19 in Richtung Würzburg Zentrum ab. Nach 2,5 km verlassen Sie die B19 in Richtung Würzburg-Sanderau. Sie biegen links in die Stettiner Straße und nach rund 300 Metern rechts in den Theodor Heuss-Damm ein. Nun fahren Sie ca. 2,1 km gerade aus. Links von Ihnen liegt der Main. Biegen Sie rechts in die Neubaustraße ab. Nach rund 150 Metern befindet sich der Auktionsort (Barockhäuser, Neubaustr. 12). Dieser ist direkt gegenüber dem Hotel Rebstock. Dort befindet sich auch ein Parkhaus. Von der A3 (aus Richtung Nürnberg): Verlassen Sie die A3 an der Anschlussstelle Würzburg Randersacker rechts auf die B13 in Richtung Würzburg. Sie fahren auf der Randeracke- rer Straße. Links von Ihnen liegt der Main. Nach rund 7,1 km geht diese in die Weingartenstraße über. Dieser Straße folgen Sie 300 Meter lang und biegen am Exerzierplatz links ab. 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