54. Auktion fur Historische Wertpapiere Teil 1 Auktion 25 Januar 2020

8 Каталог на русском языке Описания лотов из России мы перевели на русский язык и опубликовали их в отдельном каталоге. Вы можете заказать этот каталог у нас или воспользоваться его электронной версией на нашем сайте www.hwph.de Наши контактные данные: HWPH HistorischesWertpapierhaus AG Ingelsberg 17b D-85604 Zorneding Германия Тел.: (0 81 06) 24-61-86 (Маттиас Шмитт – нем. и англ. яз.) Мобильный: (01 60) 1-52-75-91 Тел.: (0 81 06) 24-61-87 (Нелли Шмитт – русс. яз.) С территории других стран: +49 (81 06) 24-61-86 либо 24-61-87 Факс: (0 81 06) 24-61-88 С территории других стран: +49 (81 06) 24-61-88 адрес эл. почты: hwph@yandex.ru +++ Please read these important notes before bidding +++ Please read these important notes before bidding +++ Please read these important notes befo You are interested in the securities offered? In the following notes you will learn – in brief - everything that’s important about the auction. If you have any queries, then we would like you to send us an email to auktion@hwph. de. These brief notes are for your general guidance only. In the event of a dispute, the German version of our full legally binding conditions will prevail (see Versteigerungsbedingungen at page 4) Bids in written form: We welcome any bids, those in written form too. If you do so, please use the enclosed bid sheet for bidding. We would like you to check your fax confirmation, when bidding by fax. When bidding by post, please consider the time for postal delivery! Absentee bidding procedure: Please state your lot number, lot name an your maximum bid (in euros). Your bids will be dealt with on a discretiona- ry basis. For example: If the start price of a lot is Euro 100, you are bidding Euro 200 and there is no other bidder, then you will receive the lot for Euro 100 plus our charges. In contrast, if there’s another bidder who bids e.g. Euro 130, then you’ll receive the lot at the next bid step, that is for Euro 140. The prices stated in the lot descriptions are all minimum prices. It is not permitted to bid less. Buyer’s premium: The buyer’s premium amounts to 18 % of the hammer price. Then we have to add VAT (value added tax) at 19 % of the buyer’s premium. This way the charge amounts to 21.42 %. Deadlines for submitting the bids: Written bids for the 54th Public Auc- tion must reach us by Friday, January 24th, 2020, noon (German time). Ple- ase submit your bids in time. Bids after the deadline will not be accepted for the auction, only for the after sale. Place and times of the auction: The 54th Public Auction will take place on January 25th, 2020 in Würzburg, Neubaustr. 12, start at 11 a.m. The auction lots can be viewed from 9 a.m. on Saturday, onwards. End of the auction will be at about 6.30 p.m. List of results: Shortly after the end of the auction the list of results will be published on the net at www.hwph.de . The list of results will be sent to all bidders. Payment: After the end of the auction we will send you the invoices for your purchases. For international bidders the payment is easy. Clients from the eurozone countries can remit their payments to our international bank account. For clients from non-euro countries we additionally offer the following payment possibilities: Amounts up to Euro 150: Please send your money in cash by registered mail or remit it to our PayPal account at auktion@hwph.de . Amounts over Euro 150: Please send a cheque in one of the major curren- cies (Euro, US$, GB£, SFR, Yen). Please convert the invoice amount by means of the daily exchange rate. Despatch: Despatch will only be done after receipt of payment. We ship worldwide for Euro 6 plus 19 % VAT = Euro 7.14! Exception: If you buy books or lots with Albums or items with glass frame we charge the real shipment cost plus 19 % VAT. Important notes Bidding online We also offer online bidding. For that, you have to register with www. artfact.com . You also have to register at artfact.com for each single auction. If you do so, you are able to to follow the auction in real time and to place bids during our auction. There will be an additional 5 % (plus VAT) Buyers’s Premium charged for lots won on Invaluable. Bidding Increments are set as follows: Bid Bid Increment From 1 to 10 Euro 1 Euro From 11 to 30 Euro 2 Euro From 31 to 100 Euro 5 Euro From 101 to 300 Euro 10 Euro From 301 to 1.000 Euro 25 Euro From 1.001 to 2.000 Euro 50 Euro From 2.001 to 5.000 Euro 100 Euro From 5.001 to 25.000 Euro 500 Euro From 25.001 to 50.000 Euro 1.000 Euro Above 50.001 Euro 2.000 Euro Example: If a lot starts at Euro 80, you can bid Euro 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 110, 120, 130 and so on. If bids do not meet the bid steps, they will be rounded up to the next bid step.